Part 1: Legally Required Documents Course

This step-by-step course will give you access to all of the legally required documents you need to meet the basic level of compliance.

  • Instant access for 12 months to the latest legally required documents for your sourcing business

  • Editable versions of each document to adapt for your business

  • Video tutorials to explain how and when you should use each document

Part 2: Data Protection & AML Workshop

You will also get access to our live Workshop on Sat 25th November. No problem if you can't attend as we'll send you access to a recorded version after the event.

  • Access to the live workshop recording for 6 months

  • Ask any questions you have about DP & AML

  • Receive a digital certificate and accreditation badge to prove your attendance at our workshop

Created by the Sourcing Compliance Expert

Tina Walsh

With over 9+ years sourcing experience and knowledge of compliance, Tina is renowned as being the 'Queen of Compliance' and the only expert in the field - keeping up-to-date on the latest industry changes on a weekly basis.