Instant Access to ALL the Legally Required Documents, Contracts, and Training Needed to Source Deals

Downloadable documents with step-by-step video tutorials

All of the modules have been researched and created by the ONLY expert in Professional Sourcing Compliance - Tina Walsh. 

All documents are checked on a regular basis for any changes in regulations and interpretations - as a bonus, with this course you will have access for 12 months to download the latest version any time.

What's Included

You'll get instant access to up-to-date legally required documents for your sourcing business. Our easy to follow course, will give you the tools and knowledge you need to source legally.

  • Instant access for 12 months to the latest legally required documents for your sourcing business

  • 12 simple-to-follow modules, created by Tina Walsh - the Sourcing Compliance Expert

  • Editable versions of each document to adapt for your business

  • Video tutorials to explain how and when you should use each document

Get Instant Access

To ALL of the legally required documents & contracts you need when professionally sourcing

Your Coach - Tina Walsh

The ONLY Expert in Professional Sourcing Compliance

With over 9+ years sourcing experience and knowledge of compliance, Tina is renowned as being the 'Queen of Compliance' and the ONLY expert in the field - keeping up-to-date on the latest industry changes on a regular basis.

"I still spend a lot of time day-to-day staying up to date with any changes, so that you can take advantage of my knowledge and  keep your sourcing business in the top operating in the UK!"

If you'd like to know more about the course and speak directly with Tina - you can schedule a call here.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Hello & Introduction!

  • 2

    2. Before We Start


    • How Important are these Documents?

    • Why have we included Document Training Video's?

  • 3

    3. AML Policy

    • Policy Document

    • Document Training Video

  • 4

    4. AML - Risk Assessment

    • Risk Assessment Document

    • Document Training Video

  • 5

    5. AML Client Due Diligence Process (CDD) - Buyer: Individual

    • CDD Process - Document

    • Document Training Video

  • 6

    6. AML Client Due Diligence Process (CDD) - Buyer: Company

    • CDD Process - Documents

    • Document Training Video

  • 7

    7. AML Client Due Diligence Process (CDD) - Seller: Direct To

    • CDD Process - Document

    • Document Training Video

  • 8

    8. AML Client Due Diligence Process (CDD) - Seller: Via Agent

    • CDD Process - Document

    • Document Training Video

  • 9

    9. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - Privacy Policy

    • GDPR - Policy Document

    • Document Training Video

  • 10

    10. Staff Training Record

    • Training Record - Excel Document

    • Document Training Video

  • 11

    11. Terms of Business Agreement

    • Terms of Business Agreement

    • Document Training Video

  • 12

    12. Purchase Option Agreement

    • Purchase Option Agreement

    • Document Training Video

  • 13


    • Benefits of Bonus Resources

    • Glossary of Terms

    • Legislation & Regulation - Useful Links

    • Resources - Useful Links

    • In-House Complaints - Policy - Procedure - Response Letters

    • Free 20 Minute Call with Tina

  • 14

    14. Final Thoughts

    • Final Thoughts