Combining Legally Required Training

  • Data Protection (DP)

    You'll learn about Data Protection, but importantly how it affects you as a Property Sourcer.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

    This workshop will also cover what you need to know about Anti-Money Laundering and how it affects the sourcing sector.

What You'll Learn

Starting at 9.45am until 4.30pm, you'll get a full day of legally required training, plus additional detail on Data Protection & Anti-Money Laundering, so you can apply relevant knowledge and practices to your Sourcing Business.

  • Data Protection for Sourcing Agents

  • The 7 Principles

  • Key Responsibilities and Terminologies

  • Privacy Policies & Gathering Data

  • Your Legal Obligations

  • Potential Penalties & Case Studies

Next Workshop Dates

What's Included

This 1-Day Workshop is designed to provide you as a sourcing agent with proof of your legally required annual training in Data Protection and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

  • Live Workshop Recording

    Everyone who attends will have access to a full recording of the workshop for 3 months to rewatch anytime they need-cam

  • Ask Questions

    There will be plenty of opportunities during the day to ask any questions you need on the traininuers

  • Legally Required Certification

    Everyone who attends the full day of training will receive a proof of attendance certificate after

Hosted by Tina Walsh

The Only Property Sourcing Compliance Expert

With over 9+ years sourcing experience and knowledge of compliance, Tina is renowned as being the 'Queen of Compliance' and expert in the field - keeping up-to-date on the latest industry changes on a weekly basis.